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Marketing and sales

SOCAR has been conducting its marketing and sales operations for less than 30 years. In this short period, the company has been successful both in corporate wholesale and retail business around the world.

Founded in 2007, SOCAR Trading has its head office in Geneva, Switzerland, and representative offices in Dubai, Houston, London and Singapore, and offices in Istanbul, Monaco and Moscow. The company, which is the main supplier of Azeri Light oil, also trades naphtha, petrol, natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), diesel, condensates and ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel, as well as third-party crude oil.

The distribution and sale of natural gas to customers in Azerbaijan and abroad is carried out by subsidiaries of SOCAR. Azerigas Production Union is conducting this work in the territory of Azerbaijan. The association provides high-level service to more than 2,285,000 customers. SOCAR Georgia Gas carries out import, retail and commercial sale of natural gas in the Georgian market and currently has more than 715,000 customers there. SOCAR’s Kayserigaz with 569,000 customers and Bursagaz with more than 1 million customers in Türkiye are distinguished by their high level of service.

Moreover, petrol stations operating under the SOCAR brand in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, Ukraine, Switzerland, Türkiye, and A1 in Austria offer their customers quality petrol, gas and diesel fuel. SOCAR also supplies airplanes with fuel at international airports. SOCAR Dağıtım, a subsidiary of SOCAR Türkiye, supplies fuel products for aviation (SOCAR Aviation) and water vehicles (SOCAR Marine) in Türkiye.