Petrol stations

SOCAR operates in both retail and wholesale markets offering consumers high-quality services in retail and a wide range of products in wholesale outlets of Azerbaijan and a number of world countries. There are 47 petrol stations and 11 oil terminals operating under the brand SOCAR in Azerbaijan. The network of petrol stations in the country is managed by SOCAR Petroleum, a subsidiary of SOCAR.

SOCAR operates 14 petrol stations under the SOCAR brand in Turkey, 74 in Romania, 59 in Ukraine (including 2 EV charging stations), 108 in Georgia (including 13 service centres and 3 oil terminals), and 200 in Switzerland (including 8 EV charging stations). In addition, SOCAR Energy Holdings (a Swiss subsidiary of SOCAR) has entered the Austrian retail fuel market following its acquisition of petrol station operator A1 (a total of 81 petrol stations), as well as lubricant trading company Pronto Oil.