Azerigaz PA

Azerigaz Production Association (PA), one of the most important structural units of SOCAR, distributes and sells the natural gas it receives from supply points in the territory of Azerbaijan. Azerigaz PA operates in the territory of Azerbaijan, except the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. In other countries, SOCAR’s gas grid is operated by the company’s other subsidiaries.

The development of the gas industry and the expansion of the gas grid in Azerbaijan has been widened since the 1970s. The Iran-Astara-Gazi Mammad-Gazakh main gas pipeline built in 1971 kicked off the gas supply in the country’s cities and settlements. In 1983, the State Gas Committee was established on the basis of the Bashgaz Administration, and in 1989 it was merged with the Azerbaijan State Fuel Committee. After Azerbaijan regained independence, in 1992, on the basis of the Azerbaijan State Fuel Committee, Azerigaznagl PA and the Azerbaijan Scientific Research Project Institute, Azerigaz State Company, and in 1996, Azerigaz CJSC were established. In July 2009, by the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the improvement of management mechanisms of the oil and gas industry, Azerigaz CJSC was reorganised and entered the SOCAR structure as Azerigaz Production Association, which continues its operation successfully now.

The mission and vision of Azerigaz PA rest on ensuring the safe operation of the gas network in the territory of Azerbaijan in accordance with the legislation requirements and international standards, while ensuring the customers’ satisfaction with an uninterrupted, safe and high-quality natural gas supply in a way that brings no harm to the environment.

Azerigaz PA attaches great importance to the application of up-to-date techniques and technologies using advanced methods that have a positive impact on the development of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10002 and ISO 50001 International Standards Management Systems in order to ensure sustainable development and guided by the principle of Plan-Do-Check-Act!

Azerigaz PA has its 104 Operational Service Call Centre to carry out unbiased investigations, and respond to appeals, prevent abuse and conduct analysis to improve performance and ensure its customers’ satisfaction. The Call Centre promptly receives and forwards appeals on accidents (gas leak, carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide poisoning, explosion, fire), as well as responding to questions, requests and e-inquiries related to the operations of Azerigaz PA, directly or after investigation.

During a shift, there is a constant exchange of information with the 112 Call Centre of the Crisis Management Centre of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Note that calls to the Call Centre from stationary and mobile phones to 104 in the Baku and Absheron region, to mobile (012) 104 in other regions of the country, as well as services provided by the Call Centre are free.

54,848 km of gas pipelines have been built and 11,032 km of pipelines have been repaired, and natural gas has been supplied to 1,668 settlements since Azerigaz was transferred to the balance sheet of SOCAR. According to information, as of the 1st of June 2022, the level of gas supply across the country is 96.3%, except for settlements that were liberated from occupation.

In recent years, work in the field of gas supply has expanded, and a number of projects and measures are being implemented to modernise and reconstruct the gas industry. During the supply of gas to new residential areas, a “one-step” regulation system has been applied in the construction of the network, which allows each customer to use an individual gas regulator and keep the gas supply in a stable mode.

With the support of the State Agency for Service to Citizens and Social Innovations, large-scale measures are being taken to make the gas supplying process easier and more advanced, and to improve customer satisfaction. Innovative methods in ASAN service centres allow citizens to save time and money. Azerigaz have served its customers through the ASAN Service Centres since 2014, and ASAN Utility Centres since 2016.

Azerigaz conducts intensive work on new projects as part of the full-fledged programme implemented by SOCAR in the area of reconstruction of gas infrastructure and organisation of production in line with contemporary requirements.