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SOCAR Participates in the 8th Coordination Committee Meeting with Uniper in Berlin


On December 1, 2023, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) participated in the 8th Coordination Committee Meeting in Berlin, Germany, a collaborative event with Uniper, highlighting the enduring partnership in the energy sector.

The agenda of the meeting included discussions on Uniper's new strategy and business outlook, developments in the Southern Gas Corridor, and HR developments at SOCAR. The presentation on Azerbaijan's energy transition and SOCAR's future projects was a significant highlight, underscoring the company's commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

The Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Germany, high-level executives and representatives from SOCAR and Uniper, made speeches and presentations, providing a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and expertise in the energy industry.

Another key moment was the Cooperation Program 2023-2024 signing ceremony, further cementing the collaborative relationship between SOCAR and Uniper.

The meeting brought together representatives from both SOCAR and Uniper, providing a valuable opportunity for exchanging ideas and expertise in the energy industry. This event facilitated critical discussions on energy matters, reinforced the strong bond between the two companies, and marked another significant step in the ongoing partnership between SOCAR and Uniper in the energy sector, setting the stage for future joint initiatives.

Uniper, an international energy company, plays a crucial role in the global energy landscape, specializing in flexible and low-carbon power solutions. Since 2013, Uniper and SOCAR have been engaged in a long-term gas supply contract, enhancing the security and diversification of European energy supplies. The joint venture formed in 2016 for energy efficiency development further signifies the depth of this collaboration.