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Training Centres

SOCAR attaches great importance to the training of highly-qualified personnel, including the career enhancement for the currently employed personnel; SOCAR’s priority is to instil both theoretical and practical knowledge of the frequently changing technologies in the digital age. For this purpose, SOCAR's Training, Education, and Certification Department (TECD) organises high-quality trainings for various professions conforming to international standards. The training of workers in the required professions, monitoring of SOCAR's demand for engineering and technical workers, as well as the training of offshore oil workers based on international agreements, standards and maritime conventions are among the key activities of TECD. In addition, instruction on labour protection and safety rules in structural units, attestation of workers (for example, welding operators), and certification according to international standards are included in the Department's scope of activity.

Currently, there are five training centres of TECD in this connection - Offshore Maritime Safety Training Centre (OMSTC), Personnel Development Centre (PDC), Gala Training and Education Centre (GTEC), Gobustan Regional Training Centre (GRTC), Sumgayit Training and Education centre (STEC), and welder’s certification department. As of the 1st August of 2023, a total of 159 812 people (15 711 from external enterprises) participated in the above-mentioned trainings and received certifications.