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Oil and Gas Construction Trust

The Oil and Gas Construction Trust was established to carry out repair, as well as construction and installation work in deep and shallow offshore and onshore oil and gas fields as part of oil and gas operations carried out by SOCAR enterprises and organisations. The trust was formed on the basis of Azerbaijan Offshore Oil Construction established in 1949 and Caspian Oil and Gas Construction established in 1979 and is a legal successor of these enterprises.

For the first time in the world, offshore oil production, processing and transportation to the coast were realised at the Caspian Sea Oil Rocks field, and in 1949, the Azerbaijan Offshore Oil Construction Trust carried out complex construction work in the Oil Rocks, built an artificial island with a total area of 8 hectares, and began construction of piers and platforms.

The Oil and Gas Construction Trust includes 7 construction and installation departments of various profiles, specialised repair and construction department, reinforced concrete production department, warehousing department, welding inspection department and representation in Georgia.

The Oil and Gas Construction Trust provides construction and repair services in many areas of the oil and gas sector inside and outside the country, as well as the improvement of oil and gas fields, installation and repair of technological oil and gas mining equipment, submarine, surface and underground oil and gas facilities, and provides professional services for laying water pipelines and asphalt-concrete pavements. The company also constructs offshore and onshore hydraulic structures, jackets, trestles and platforms, gas-compressor stations and oil tanks, industrial, civil and social facilities, roads and bridges. The application of the latest technologies and methods based on modern approaches in the construction process is a priority. Technological equipment of developed countries such as Germany, USA, Italy, The Netherlands and Austria are used in the production. For the first time during the construction of the pipelines, SOCAR’s Oil and Gas Construction Trust has made a breakthrough in the country’s oil and gas industry by applying semi-automatic and automatic welding methods.

The Trust implemented a number of joint offshore and onshore projects together with BP, Saipem, Umid Babek and Karabakh operating companies’ offices in Azerbaijan, as well as Heavy Crane FZE’s branch in Azerbaijan, Caspian Pipe Coatings LTD, Azfen BM, İlk İnşaat Taahhüt Sanayi və Ticaret Ltd, Georgian Municipal Development Fund, BOS Shelf and other international companies, as well as SOCAR’s enterprises.

• Construction of electric supply system for the fields

Construction and Installation Department No. 1 of the Trust installs electrical equipment at all oil and gas production facilities of SOCAR, as well as civil, social, industrial and other facilities, putting up overhead power transmission lines, overhead power cables, implements construction of power plants, electricity overhaul and construction works, electro-chemical protection works, installation of control and measuring devices, automation systems and laboratory inspections.

• Construction of main oil, gas and water pipelines of different diameters at sea (depth of 150 m) and on land

Post-drilling rehabilitation of offshore fields (by the gas-lift method), construction, repair and improvement of submarine oil and gas pipelines with the help of a pipeline and “free immersion”, oil and gas terminals, compressor stations and other facilities are carried out by the Trust’s Construction and Installation Department No. 2.

• Construction of stationary offshore platforms

Construction and Installation Department No. 3 constructs jackets, superstructures and other hydraulic units in the Zygh production area and installs them at sea.

• Construction of offshore piers

Construction and installation departments No. 4, 6 and 7 construct, repair and improve compressor stations, high-pressure oil and gas pipelines, oil reservoirs, piers and platforms, jackets and technological systems.

• Construction of compressor stations

• Production of asphalt and concrete, preparation of New Dashgil Terminal’s site

• Construction of offshore and onshore oil terminals, different technological facilities for collection, storage, preparation and transportation of oil

• Receiving and shipping of large cargoes in the port

• Production of reinforced concrete pieces

Reinforced Concrete Pieces Production Department produces all types of reinforced concrete structures required for offshore platforms, civil constructions and other areas, as well as commercial concrete products

• Inspection of welds by destructive and non- destructive testing

Welding Technology, Destructive and Non-destructive Testing Department carries out training and attestation of welding workers, preparation of welding procedures in accordance with project requirements, control of welding works in the territory of the Trust, monitoring of their quality by visual and physical methods (X ray, ultrasound, magnetic sand and penetrant) and gives relevant feedback.

Since 2002, Oil and Gas Construction has been awarded ISO international certificates for Quality Management, Environmental Protection, Occupational Safety and Health, Criteria for Certification of Welding Personnel and Testing and Inspection Conformity.

Over the past few years, the Trust has carried out a lot of projects of strategic importance, including construction of the Garadagh Underground Gas Storage, dry gas and naphtha pipelines between the Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery and Ethylene-Propylene Plant in 2011, reconstruction of Stationary Offshore Platform No. 29 on the Bulla-Deniz field, installation of compressor station at the Gunashli field’s Stationary Offshore Platform No. 4, reconstruction of Galmaz Underground Gas Storage and construction of Stationary Offshore Platform No. 2585 at the Oil Rocks field in 2012. The Trust also implemented the construction of Baku Shipyard, reconstruction of the water cooling system in the Ethylene-Propylene Plant, construction of Stationary Offshore Platform No. 2150, ground, buildings and installations required for the new Gas-Turbine Power Plant in 2013, as well as Deep-Water Platform No. 7 and, on the Gunashli field in 2015, Stationary Offshore Platform No. 6 at the Bulla Deniz field in 2016, Stationary Offshore Platform No. 12 in 2018.

In 2020, the Trust completed the construction of new compressor station No. 3 to achieve 1.5-BCM active gas volume of the Galmaz Underground Gas Storage of the Gas Storages Development Department. It boosted the active gas volume of Galmaz UGS from 1 to 1.5 BCM and daily output of compressor stations from 10 MMCM to 13 MMCM.

The Trust has also successfully implemented the SOCAR Waste Management Centre Expansion project with the purpose of the expansion of the waste centre for the reception and management of industrial waste and drilling cuttings generated in SOCAR’s departments and enterprises, as well as waste from the preparation and transportation of oil and gas at Sangachal Terminal.