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Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute

SOCAR’s research and development work is primarily conducted by the Oil and Gas Research and Project (Neftqazelmitedqiqatlayihe) Institute, established on the basis of the company’s two institutes - scientific research and oil and gas projects institutes in accordance with the Decree issued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the 20th of July 2009 on the improvement of SOCAR’s structure.

The Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute carries out geological-geophysical research, prospecting, development, exploitation and exploitation of discovered structures and oil-gas deposits, as well as various types of design works related to oil-gas processing. The institute also carries out scientific solutions for improvement works in the field of the economy and management of the oil industry, development concept of oil and gas extraction, environmental protection, protection of ecological balance, production, storage and transportation of hydrocarbon products. Large-scale research is carried out in the field of development, development and improvement of oil and gas fields, drilling and operation of wells, design of petrochemical and oil and gas processing facilities. There are 19 labs, 50 units, a geology fund and centralised print house in the institute.

As of the 1st of July 2022, two ANAS associates, 10 doctors and 89 PhDs are working at the institute, which expanded and implemented 1,200 innovative projects that contributed to the solution of complex scientific, design and technical problems related to the development of oil fields, mining areas.

The Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute completes the orders of external organizations as well as SOCAR's departments and enterprises. As an example of its recent successes, the Institute prepared engineering reports and the elaboration and estimation of parameters for installing the Karabakh oil field jacket’s support block in 2020.