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In 2009, SOCAR joined the Thalassemia-Free Life Programme initiated in February 2005 by Mehriban Aliyeva, First Vice President of Azerbaijan and President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, and every year the company in cooperation with the Azerbaijan Thalassemia Federation and Bahadir Eyvazov Research Institute of haematology and Transfusion organises the Donor Days blood donation campaign to help children suffered from thalassemia.

SOCAR is also committed to solving health problems of Azerbaijanis living compactly in Georgia. SOCAR Energy Georgia, a subsidiary of SOCAR in Georgia, regularly supports the provision of medical services, medicines and food to 160 people with physical disabilities in the Kvemo-Kartli (Borchali) region, where Azerbaijanis live. In addition, SOCAR Energy Georgia provides necessary medicines to 176 Azerbaijanis suffering from kidney failure. In order to improve healthcare conditions in the areas where Azerbaijanis live, the company has overhauled the outpatient clinic in the village of Lower Goshakilsa of the Bolnisi region, and the hospital in the village of Sadikhli of the Marneuli region. SOCAR Energy Georgia provided social assistance to the Katarzis organisation, which is engaged in providing free lunches and medicines to low-income people in the Shorapan region. SOCAR provided the Azerbaijani Society of Disabled Persons in Georgia with a car and donated 100 wheelchairs to disabled persons.