Geophysics and Geology Department

The Geophysics and Geology Department (GGD) was established based on the Geophysics and Engineering Geology Production Union by order of SOCAR on 23 December 2005 to learn the deep geological structure (onshore and offshore) of the earth's crust to carry out geophysical surveys (seismic and gravimagnetic) for preparation for deep exploration drilling in local structures, investigation of the well section by geophysical surveys, logging while drilling, geological and technological supervision of well drilling, well completion, engineering, geological and topographic works in oil and gas areas. GGD carries out exploration and field geophysics, complex engineering and geological (drilling, planning, bathymetric, seismic, and acoustic) and thematic works in the onshore fields and the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea (as well as abroad based on the contracts). The department includes Exploration Geophysics, Field Geophysics, Complex Engineering Research Units, and Production Service Base.

GGD implements engineering-geological drilling, sonar planning, bathymetric, uninterrupted seismic-acoustic proliferation, structural mapping, topographic, navigation, and other works in offshore and onshore areas, as well as engineering-geological surveys for the construction of hydro-technical facilities, pipelines, terminals, port facilities, power plants, and other offshore facilities. The primary purpose of the surveys is the exploration of new prospects, to precise the geological structure of the areas, to identify and assess the extension area of oil and gas formations, to define the location of exploration wells, and to control the future exploration activities and these operations have an important role in ensuring the growth of oil and gas resources. In recent years, it has implemented 2D and 3D seismic exploration and gravimagnetic research of the "8 March", "Bulla-Deniz", "Oil Rocks-Palchiq Pilpilasi", "Goshadash", "Gurgan-Deniz-Chilov Island", "Merdekan-Deniz-Gala Bay" offshore and "Kur-Gabarry", "Yevlakh-Aghjabedi", "Khidirly-Bandovan", "Mughan monocline-Jalilabad" onshore fields. The seismic data was processed and interpreted through modern programmes. The department also implemented seismic acquisition and processing interpretation works on the orders of ConocoPhillips, bp, Equinor, and JOGMEC.

The department was equipped with all modern devices and facilities, relevant processing and interpretation programs, and well-trained human resource potential.