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It is known from the letters and applications addressed to SOCAR by representatives of foreign countries that individual fraudulent persons, companies or their representatives illegally provide false job offers to citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other foreign countries on behalf of SOCAR. Therefore, we urge everyone to be careful about these situations.

What is the employment-related violation of law and what are the presumed ways of it happening?

Such violations are considered to be a criminal act of offering false job opportunities, and soliciting personal information and demand of a certain amount of payment with given pledges of employment.

Individuals, who have committed the act, shall be applied to criminal responsibility in accordance with the criminal code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other states:

The above-mentioned fraud is committed through phone, the company’s general contact numbers and contact numbers of the departments (placed on SOCAR’s website) being reflected on the display (screen) of the phone devices (in fact SOCAR-owned telephone devices not being used) of the persons receiving the calls through special means (called the method of Caller ID Spoofing), through online services such as fake e-mails and web pages that have nothing to do with SOCAR, the subjects of which reflect the brand name “SOCAR”, and by e-mails as ‘job offer’ which reflect the logo, official address, contact information, and names of officials belonging to SOCAR sent by those electronic methods, and individuals are requested to provide their sensitive private information, bank account requisites or certain amount of funds being given pledges that they will be employed.

To avoid these violations of law, it is recommended that you know the following:

No payment or bank account details are required from candidates to pass any stage of the recruitment process at SOCAR.

Live job vacancies in SOCAR are advertised only on the official website of the company’s ( and its structural divisions, as well as in the Iki Sahil newspaper.

SOCAR does not offer any job to candidates without participating in the recruitment process: test exam and individual interview/practical exam.

Test exams and interviews/practical exams are held only in the administrative building of the Human Resources Department of SOCAR (The 26 Sh. Mirzayev Street, Baku) or in other production areas of SOCAR determined by the Human Resources Department (address information are sent to candidates' phone numbers and e-mails by SOCAR’s Human Resources Department 2-3 days before the exam).

The labour activity of foreigners in the Republic of Azerbaijan is regulated according to the rules established by the Migration Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to the this Code principal conditions for carrying out paid labour activities by foreigners in the Republic of Azerbaijan shall include the availability of a vacancy that cannot be filled by a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan who has the professional skills or qualifications required for such job and the inability of employment services to meet employers’ needs in labour force at the cost of local labour resources.

If you receive a suspicious call or email from toll-free addresses (such as,, as well as the addresses which do not end with an ending of "" and other SOCAR institutions' official web pages related to job offer, also if you have received information via e-mail from fictitious accounts including the brand name “SOCAR” or have been asked to provide personal information or make any payment, and if you suspect that such calls or e-mails are illegal, you may suppose that these individuals or companies are providing a fraudulent job offer or service. In such cases, the offer can be confirmed through official means (by calling and e-mailing the official phone numbers and e-mail addresses on SOCAR’s website).

Some fraudsters create a profile in the Career Section of SOCAR’s website instead of candidates, apply for vacancies electronically and add own contact details, not the citizen's, so that information about all stages is sent to their e-mail address or mobile numbers, and they demand payment from the candidates in exchange for this information, which is an unacceptable criminal act. If you cannot create or update the profile yourself, entrust this work to the most reliable persons and ensure that your mobile number and email address are added.

To ensure transparency and objectivity, request the representative of the Human Resources Department of the Head Office to present himself/herself at the examination. We recommend you to verify the addresses, positions and telephone numbers of the parties who offer a job on behalf of SOCAR. All contacts are made through the official email address of SOCAR’s Recruitment and Onboarding Department,, or the company number (012) 521-15-82.

In addition, joint enterprises which are part of SOCAR, but are not fully owned and directly controlled by SOCAR, however whose names include the brand name “SOCAR” perform under the legislation of the countries where they operate, and also have separate and independent Human Resources policies according to the interests and requirements of other persons / enterprises. Therefore, please check if the recruitment invitations from these institutions are coming from the institutions’ corporate email addresses (i.e. at the end of the e-mail it ends with the name of the web pages belonging to those institutions and reflecting their actual activities). It's also possible that you can get real recruitment information e-mail from company’s official email address, but at the same time the ending of the email address is not linked to the official web page. In this case, it is recommended to verify credibility of the e-mail and receive information by other methods (visiting the institution's administrative building and writing to the reception, sending an official request, etc.).