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26 January 2022

SOCAR announces tender for services to conduct the Crisis Management training


Procurement procedures are preferred through competitions in SOCAR. Thus, SOCAR supports the achievement of effective value on the basis of healthy competition, the offer of modern technologies/methodologies, the identification of new potential market participants. When time and the nature of the subject matter allow, the most cost-effective bid is obtained by organizing auctions among such market participants in out-of-competition procurement on an urgent basis. At present SOCAR is calling vendors to conduct the Crisis Management training for its Crisis and Emergency Management Committee members.

Course topic: Crisis Management (main emergency management specifics)


· Crisis management - strategic level

· Emergency Management’s key features

· Business Continuity Management

· Effective and efficient decision making for prompt response to a crisis

· Resource allocation

· Medical Evacuation (MedEvac) arrangement

· Management of logistics

· Management of internal and external communication

· Working with Media/Controlling press releases

· HR management (also, Next of kin management)

· Financial management in crisis

· Assessment and instruction on environmental protection (e.g., activation of Oil spill response plan)

· Prioritizing of impact object

· Stress management / No panic

· Other necessary implementations

Training objectives

· Provide adequate knowledge and skills to participants in order to manage and handle all crisis/emergency situations at a strategic level, sustain business continuity and take all necessary decisions.

· Cover some main aspects of tactical response at an introductory level that will serve for decision making at strategic level.

· Provide some practical exercises/simulations.

Format Classroom

Target group C level managers (vice-presidents)

Number of participants (min. - max.) 9

Duration 2 days

Course location Baku, Azerbaijan

Address SOCAR Tower. 121, Heydar Aliyev Avenue, AZ1029. Baku/Azerbaijan

Contact person

Training and Development unit, Human Resources Department, SOCAR, Head office


• Previously having conducted similar training sessions at least three companies at the oil and gas sector;

• Consideration of the scope of SOCAR operations (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream) and industry specifications;

• The experience of accredited training provider - at least 5 years;

• At least 5 years of experience of the trainer(s);

• Aligning the content with ICS - Incident Command System

Another information to deliver:

• Please provide hard copy of following documents within 15 days:

- The proposal;

- A list of key clients that you trained on Crisis management globally and list of trainings;

- Trainers’ qualifications and certificates + resume;

- Information on your international accreditations.

19 January 2022

SOCAR’s Annual Production Performance 2021


Due to the acceleration of vaccination processes in 2021, economic activity in Azerbaijan, as well as around the world, is increased reactivating various fields. In parallel with the demand for energy resources in the oil sector, oil and gas prices have risen significantly. Taking advantage of positive global trends, SOCAR has managed to ensure the sustainability of business operations as a result of measures taken to optimize costs and increase production efficiency. This is reflected in the company's key production indicators.

In 2021, SOCAR conducted about 62,000 meters1 of drilling work, increasing it by 10.3% compared to 2020. 7.9 million tons2 of oil and 7.9 billion cubic meters3 of gas were produced in the fields operated by the company on its own or as a major shareholder. Oil and gas production is 6.5% and 7% higher than the same period last year, respectively. The upward trend in total oil and gas production in the country continued. This is especially evident in gas production. Compared to 2020, gas production increased by 18.1% to 43.9 billion cubic meters4. During the year, Azerbaijan produced 34.6 million tons5 of crude oil. The slight increase in oil production is mainly due to the gradual removal of voluntary oil output cuts imposed by the OPEC + agreement.

In 2021, SOCAR's oil exports to world markets increased by about 1% to 18.1 million tons6. This includes the volumes of oil produced by the company on its own, as well as the profit shares of the government of Azerbaijan and SOCAR in oil produced by international consortiums operated in Azerbaijan. Natural gas exports increased by 40% to 18.8 billion cubic meters8.

Last year, a total of 13 billion cubic meters7 of natural gas was consumed in the country. This is 8.4% more than the previous year. Increasing the level of gasification in the country from 96.2% to 96.3% by 2021, as well as increasing the production of urea fertilizer by almost three times are the main factors causing the growth of consumption. It should be noted that SOCAR uses natural gas as a raw material in production of methanol and urea fertilizer, increasing its added value several times.

During the year, SOCAR’s Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery processed 6.7 million tons9 of oil while SOCAR’s Natural Gas Processing Plant’s output was 3.8 billion cubic meters10. The volume of oil refining grew by more than 13.3% amidst relative decrease in gas processing.

In the context of the results of 2021, it should also be noted that oil refining and petrochemical products (including polymers) export exceeded 3 million tons11. This is about 25.5% more than the results of 2020.

Note for editors: The figures in the text are rounded for better readability. You can find the exact figures in the footnotes.

1 - 61.644 meters

2 - 7.892.079 tons

3 - 7.857.594.000 cubic meters

4 - 43.862.101.000 cubic meters

5 - 34.575.992 tons

6 - 18.053.563 tons

7 - 12.957.847.000 cubic meters

8 - 18.765.283.000 cubic meters

9 - 6.657.359 tons

10 - 3.762.990.000 cubic meters

11 - 3.023.373 tons