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Greening Works
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Greening Works

One of the essential environment projects being implemented by SOCAR is laying the Ecological Park.

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The Project is being implemented in a 9.3 ha area in the Khazar district in the territory of oil field cleaned from contaminants. Works on laying the Ecological Park are now close to completion.

The main objective of laying the Park is to create a contemporary form of society-environment relations, and to show that environmental propaganda, environmental upbringing and protection of the environment is a first priority duty of every citizen. Organization of excursion for schoolchildren and students to the Ecological Park, holding Olympiads devoted to the environment, organizing various quizzes and competitions, as well as holding discussions on environmental subjects have also been provided for here.

A modern type nursery garden has been laid within the Ecological Park where bio-selection works are carried out to grow in rehabilitated soils young tree plants from seeds and seedlings, and to increase the number of rare and endangered shrubs and trees of Absheron Peninsula. A dripping irrigation system is applied in the Park in order to save water and energy resources.

Solar panels and wind generators have been installed in the Park in order to supply electric energy using alternative resources.

Application in the territory of every new, less energy consuming, less waste generating technology will serve enlightenment of people, propaganda and agitation of these ideas and forming "green" thinking of people.

Greenery planting in the territory of the Ecological Park was continued in the first quarter of 2011, and over 130 thousand young tree and shrub plants were properly nursed. In addition to growing young tree and shrub plants in the park, all agro-technical service is provided to 8400 m² green grass cover (lawn). Growing young tree and shrub plants in special pots are continued, young plants are placed in beds prepared in succession, and watered using a dripping irrigation system.

Specialists of the Environmental Department have been providing consultation services in areas where greenery planting works are carried out in a number of SOCAR enterprise in accordance with instructions.

Serious achievements have been made recent years in bringing the ecological condition in oil fields and production areas up to international standards. Days of voluntary tree-planting campaigns have been carried out on a regular basis by the personnel of the Environmental Department.

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