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Dealing with climate change problem

Dealing with climate change problem
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Dealing with climate change problem

SOCAR has been taking regular actions to deal with climate changes. Following works have been done in this field during 2008-2010:

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• In connection with the execution of Order No. of SOCAR of 2008, the Environmental Department has carried out an inventory of greenhouse gas emission sources for 2007-2009 at structural divisions of SOCAR, operating companies and joint ventures. Currently, inventory of 2010 is being made.

• Technical-installation works for the project prepared for utilisation of low-pressure associated gases at 28 May Oil and Gas Production Department (OGPD) are close to completion. 310 million cubic metres of gas a year will be utilised as a result of implementing the project.

• With the purpose of implementing the Utilisation of low-pressure associated gases at Oil Rocks OGPD project within Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a project documentation developed jointly with Gasprom Germany Consulting Company has been filed with the Executive Council of the Kyoto Protocol on CDM for registration, and now is in the process of verification. After the completion of technical and installation works, 200 million cubic metres of associated gases will be prevented from being thrown into the atmosphere.

• An inventory was made in order to implement the Replacement of incandescent lamps in SOCAR’s lighting system with energy-saving lamps project within CDM, and the project documents developed were registered at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Now discussions are held with foreign partners to register that document at the Executive Council of UN as a CDM project. Implementation of this project will lead to the reduction of 34 thousand tons of CO2 a year at SOCAR.

• The Plan on reduction of associated gases emitted by SOCAR and at projects SOCAR takes part has been developed by SOCAR jointly with Partnership for Reduction of Global Gas Burning organization of the World Bank.

• The SOCAR’s Strategy on Reduction of Impact on Climate Changes has been developed jointly with German Economic Researches Institute (DIW eco) and approved.

• On the initiative of the Environmental Department and support by SOCAR, World Bank-GGFR and DIW Eco, an International Conference was held in 2010 on the subject of Initiative of reduction of influence by Caspian basin oil and gas companies on climate changes – interregional exchange of experience.

Specialists of SOCAR have been participating in all events held in the country in connection with climate changes and researches in this direction are successfully continued.

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