SOCAR Petroleum SA Romania

SOCAR Petroleum SA Romania
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SOCAR Petroleum SA Romania

SOCAR Petroleum SA Romania was founded January 30, 2011 to manage the purchase and sale of petroleum products in Romania and provide supply services that meet international standards and a diversified transportation infrastructure.

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SOCAR Petroleum SA Romania does business under the SOCAR label. Starting in September 2011, the Romanian public will get high quality petroleum products that meet Euro-5 standards. The company also has one oil depot and 14 gas stations. At the same time, the company is planning to buy or lease more gas stations for the SOCAR brand.

One more innovation is that all the gas stations will have cafes with the name NAR CAFE that meet European standards. The cafes will have markets and free WiFi for the public. At the same time the company and Red Cross will organize a first aid campaign for the general public.

Director: Hamza Karimov
Address: Bvd Mihai Eminescu, Nr. 193. Botosani, Romania 710376
Phone: +40 23 153 34 43
Fax: +40 23 153 33 03

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