STAR Oil Refinery’s Crude Oil and Fuel Oil Tanks, COFOT

There is now a tank expansion project ongoing to increase the storage capacity of STAR Oil Refinery, an affiliate to SOCAR Türkiye, at the terminal of SOCAR Depolama. As a result of the investment project, the storage capacity to be used by SOCAR Türkiye and its customers will be increased to 2.5 million m³. This project will create an additional 342,000 m³ storage capacity and is planned to be completed in 2022. STAR Oil Refinery’s project Crude Oil and Fuel Oil Tanks will also ensure its operational flexibility.

Thanks to the efforts of SOCAR Türkiye, there were no interruptions in the implementation of the project during the COVID-19 pandemic. SOCAR Türkiye has been managing the entire production processes from an early stage of the concept development.

COFOT highlights:

- Liquid fuel tanks (FOT - Fuel Oil Tank) were built in order to increase the crude oil storage capacity and production flexibility of STAR Oil Refinery.

- The total area of ​​the project is 176,000 m2.

- The construction of 2 crude oil tanks with a diameter of 90.4 metres, a nominal capacity of 135,000 m³, an operational capacity of 100,000 m³ and 2 FOT tanks with a diameter of 50 meters, a capacity of 35,000 m³, and an operational capacity of 30,000 m³ have been completed.

- Crude oil tanks are made on the basis of 2-layer external floating ceiling technology.

- Safe working conditions and fast assembly are ensured by using the hydraulic lifting method, in addition to the traditional methods used in the construction of tank walls.

- A total of 7,800 tons of iron plates were used for the tanks.

- 1,507 poles with a total length of 34,000 metres have been installed.

- 45,000 m³ of reinforced concrete was produced.

- 2500 tons of steel pipes were produced on 1,600 tons of steel construction.

- 270 km of cables have been laid.

- About 4 million man/hours were worked with no losses recorded.

- 22 pieces of equipment, including 4 transfer pumps, were installed.

- DCS/ESD automatic control systems were integrated within the STAR Refinery.

- 950 people were involved at the peak of the project.

- About 10,000 documents have been prepared for the project.

- The necessary materials and equipment were sourced from expert vendors operating in 5 continents worldwide.

- 15 contractors, including 4 main contracting companies, and about 30 subcontractors were involved as part of the project.