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                               SOCAR launches production of analytical methanol Gallery                            
                                   21 February 2018                                                                    

SOCAR launches production of analytical methanol


SOCAR Methanol, a subsidiary of SOCAR, branched out into a new type of product - analytical methanol, kick starting the production of first end consumer product in the gas chemical industry in Azerbaijan. Analytical methanol is used as a chemical reagent in laboratories. Currently, SOCAR Methanol offers analytical methanol to consumers in various packaging. It has already reached agreement with several local companies and delivered the first consignment.

SOCAR Methanol’s product is released under the brand of SOCAR and trademark of “Made in Azerbaijan”. SOCAR is capable of delivering analytical methanol not only to the local market, but to laboratories in Turkey, CIS and Western Europe as well.

According to world standards, only methanol with a minimum purity level of 99.9% can be used as analytical methanol. SOCAR-produced analytical methanol has a purity level of 99.98%. Its quality is tightly controlled by the company’s chemical laboratories and internationally-approved inspecting entities.

Elnur Mustafayev, CEO of SOCAR Methanol, said: “The start of analytical methanol production today opens a new page in the country’s processing industry. SOCAR traditionally produced intermediate products in the gas chemical industry is now becoming the producer of end consumer products. Thus, SOCAR has made one more important step toward becoming an internationally integrated company”.

The construction of the methanol plant began in 2008 and operations started in 2013. It has the capacity to produce 700,000 tons a year and is the first production facility in the gas chemical industry in Azerbaijan. British ICI low-pressure methanol production technology was used in its structure. Natural gas and steam are the raw materials used in the process.

SOCAR has increased oil and gas processing and chemical industry investments in recent years and has initiated several large-scale projects within Azerbaijan and abroad. Alongside Azerikimya and SOCAR Methanol, there are two additional plants that will start operating this year: SOCAR Polymer and SOCAR Carbamide plants. The construction of the new plants and ongoing modernization of existent refining facilities is going to diversify SOCAR’s product portfolio and increase revenues of the country. They will contribute by generating employment and enhancing the diversification of the national economy.