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3 November 2017

Drilling works for October 2017


SOCAR (excluding Joint Ventures and Operating Companies) conducted 11284 meters of drilling works in October 2017. Of this amount, development drilling made up 10343 metres, and exploration drilling - 941 metres. In general, during January-October 2017, SOCAR (excluding Joint Ventures and Operating Companies) carried out 114909 meters of drilling works including 106593 meters of development drilling and 8316 - exploration drilling.

Drilling of 10 wells was completed in October, and 66 new wells were put into operation after the construction since the start of the year. Two wells were drilled on Oil Rocks field, two - West Absheron field, 2 - Pirallahy, and the rest on Bulla-daniz, Garadagh, Seadan, and Darvin bankasy fields.