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17 February 2017

My Inner World project reviewed at BHOS


Results of the project entitled “My Inner World” were reviewed at a meeting held at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). The project was carried out by BHOS third-year Process Automation Engineering student Pakiza Pashayeva who became one of the winners of the 8th Grant Contest by the Youth Foundation under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic. It was implemented with financial support from the Youth Foundation and joint organisational support from New Azerbaijan Party’s Youth Union, Youth and Sports Office of Binagadi district, the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Baku Higher Oil School. Executive Director of the Youth Foundation under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Farhad Hajiyev, Editor-in-Chief of “Iki Sahil” daily Vugar Rahimzadeh, BHOS teachers and students, and the project participants attended the event.

Opening the event, Rector of the Higher School Elmar Gasimov welcomed the guests and expressed his congratulations to Pakiza Pashayeva. Speaking about importance of the project, he emphasised that such initiatives provide excellent opportunities to young people to help them better understand their inner world and learn how to express themselves. Rector Elmar Gasimov told that the Higher School’s students develop and effectively implement these projects on their own initiative, while the Youth Foundation provides all necessary support and conditions to put their ideas into practice. “Young people carry out activities in all fields of our country’s social life today and play important role in organising political, economic, humanitarian and social events. As the result of multi-old opportunities created by the state for young generation, youth has become one of the key players of the Azerbaijani society,” he said.

Executive Director of the Youth Foundation under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Farhad Hajiyev stressed out that the Youth Foundation provided constant financial support to implementation of the projects based on young people’s ideas and initiatives. He reminded that BHOS students successfully participated in the contest for grants and many of them won the competition. Farhad Hajiyev said, “This only proves that the Higher School under management of Elmar Gasimov trains highly qualified specialists.”

In his speech, Editor-in-Chief of “Iki Sahil” daily Vugar Rahimzadeh told about the project and said that Azerbaijani youth took rightful place in the society due to knowledge, skills and abilities to realise their potential.

Pakiza Pashayeva provided information about the project objectives and outcomes. She informed that within the project, a video film was made and a book reflecting the participants’ ideas and thoughts about their inner world was published.

At the end of the meeting, the participants of the My Inner World project received certificates of participation.

15 February 2017

SOCAR and IBM sign Memorandum on Strategic Cooperation


On February 15, a Memorandum on Strategic Cooperation was signed with US IBM at the headquarters of SOCAR. The memorandum was signed by SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev and Senior Vice President of IBM and the chairman of IBM Europe Erich Clementi. Memorandum envisages use of IBM's global innovations, investment in digital innovation and transformation, cooperating with IBM Watson on oil production based on artificial intelligence, creating new jobs for highly qualified personnel, as well as training and practice programs with BHOS, and conducting joint research.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Abdullayev highlighted the measures taken in the field of high technology under the leadership of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and mentioned the launch of Azerspace-1 satellite as an obvious example of this. According to Mr. Abdullayev, the Company has always given priority to innovative technologies in the global and regional energy projects carried out in Azerbaijan and has applied the latest scientific and technological achievements in the exploration, production, processing and transportation of oil and gas. Rovnag Abdullayev stated that SOCAR had established an effective partnership with the world's leading companies in this sphere. He highly appreciated the cooperation established with IBM and said that this cooperation would contribute to both SOCAR and all other companies of Azerbaijan. As he stated, Memorandum enables SOCAR to join the Watson for Upstream global strategic development partnership, running on the basis of the artificial intelligence. This strategic area of modern-day importance opens wide horizons for joint research including research projects. It was noted that Azerbaijan is known as an oil country in the world. Oil production in industrial way, processing, and transportation by tankers, railways and pipeline, as well as onshore and offshore oil production was initiated in Azerbaijan. Therefore, the rich database established at SOCAR to store and preserve these data can be a valuable source for IBM's Watson Centre. Simultaneously, the investment projects to be carried out in Azerbaijan in the framework of the memorandum will contribute to the development of innovative elite and create favourable conditions for talented young people to upgrade their skills and experience by using all the modern tools and techniques of IBM, familiarise themselves with robotisation of business and process services, and benefit from the prospects of exchange of experience and international career. The attendees also mentioned the establishment of the Regional Oil-Gas-Chemistry Competence Centre project and stated that Centre, to be established together with IBM, be of great importance in managing processes in Azerbaijan's petrochemical industry and improving engineering skills in applying innovative technologies.

Referring to the memorandum, Senior Vice President of IBM and the chairman of IBM Europe Erich Clementi estimated the starting cooperation with SOCAR as a significant event. According to him, SOCAR-IBM partnership will serve to further development of the global energy industry and provide additional stimulus the promotion of regional and global projects of Azerbaijan.

Mr. Clementi said that every year Innovation Day would be held in Baku within the framework of the signed document and the latest innovations in business will be presented. He emphasised that IBM invests only in countries it considers a strategic partner. The guest pointed out the first step taken today towards the long-term cooperation and expressed confidence in the success of the new partnership together with wishing success to SOCAR-IBM team.

14 February 2017

Training on EBSCO services held at BHOS


Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) hosted scheduled training session entitled “EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS): Scholarly Searching for Research and Education”. Regional Manager for CIS Countries of EBSCO Information Services (Prague, Czech Republic) Iryna Krejcarova and Director of SaaS Innovation Benelux, D-A-CH and Eastern Europe (Berlin, Germany) Roman Piontek conducted the training for teachers and second and third year students of the Higher School.

Opening the session, the BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov emphasised that libraries operating today in the rapidly changing environment should actively introduce innovations and new methods to maintain their activities up to date. In his words, while advanced technology has been always used in the education process, recent development of information and communications technologies alongside Internet expansion have created new opportunities not only in this sphere, but also in the process of scholarly searching for information and research.

Speaking about successful cooperation between BHOS and EBSCO Information Service, Iryna Krejcarova said that the latter provides a range of library database services including an online research tool with access to the institution’s vast global resources. “Metadata found in EDS includes, among others, subject headings, full-text of articles, article titles, author(s) and journals. All leading universities around the world, such as, for example, Harvard University, Stanford University, and University of Pennsylvania, use this research service,” commented Iryna Krejcarova.

Director of SaaS Innovation Benelux, D-A-CH and Eastern Europe Roman Piontek reported that there are more than 20,000 content providers, six million books, more than 100 million articles, over 400 thousand conference reports and resource materials from 50 thousand journals in the EDS database.

During the session, practical training on usage of full-text EDS resources online for education and scientific research was conducted.

EBSCO Information Services is a division of EBSCO Industries Inc. and a leading provider of library database services. EBSCO Discovery Service, which is the company product, is used for scientific research in more than 8,600 universities around the world. At BHOS, the system has been implemented since 2015 and can be accessed from the Higher School’s website.

13 February 2017

BHOS is strengthening cooperation with University of Houston


Rector of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) Elmar Gasimov met with Cultural and Educational Affairs Officer of the USA Embassy in Azerbaijan Amy Petersen. Having welcomed the quest, the rector provided information about BHOS’ development, main activities, and attainments achieved by the Higher School students and academic teaching staff, and told about the Higher School close cooperation with Heriot-Watt University (Great Britain). Elmar Gasimov also informed about a visit of a delegation of the University of Houston (UH) from the USA led by the Chancellor and President of the UH system Renu Khator to Azerbaijan in January 2015. Speaking about meetings with the UH delegation conducted at SOCAR and BHOS, the Rector said that during the visit, two higher educational institutions signed a Protocol on Cooperation on joint Master course. He expressed his interest to further enhancing cooperation with the University of Houston in implementing Master degree program.

Having thanked for the reception, the Cultural and Educational Affairs Officer of the US Embassy in Azerbaijan Amy Petersen dwelled on relations between two countries in the field of education. Amy Petersen highly praised the successes achieved by BHOS’ and expressed her satisfaction with the Higher School cooperation the University of Houston.

Issues related to further development of relations between BHOS and UH including student and teachers exchange programs and arrangement of summer schools at two higher educational institutions were also discussed at the meeting.

8 February 2017

Turkish Ambassador visits BHOS


Rector of Baku Higher School (BHOS) Elmar Gasimov met with the Ambassador of Turkey to Azerbaijan Erkan Ozoral. Welcoming the honorable guest, Mr. Gasimov spoke about close relations between two brotherly countries in all spheres including long-term cooperation in the field of education. The Rector informed the Ambassador about BHOS’ history, activities, attainments, latest developments, successes achieved by the Higher School students and academic teaching staff, and the Higher School cooperation with Heriot-Watt University (Great Britain). He expressed an interest in developing closer bilateral relations between BHOS and higher educational institutions in Turkey. Elmar Gasimov also reported about activities initiated recently to establish cooperation of the Higher School with the Council of Higher Education of Turkey (YÖK). The Rector showed interest in establishment relations between BHOS and Middle East Technical University. He also invited the Ambassador to visit the Higher School again and present a speech about Turkey.

The Ambassador of Turkey to Azerbaijan Erkan Ozoral expressed his gratitude to Mr. Gasimov for the warm reception and emphasised that he would provide all necessary support towards developing partnership relations between BHOS and Turkish universities. Speaking about close Azerbaijani-Turkish relations based on the “One nation, two states” principle, Erkan Ozoral told about diversified cooperation between two countries in all spheres including education.

Further at the meeting, prospects of cooperation between the Baku Higher Oil School with YÖK and conducting joint projects by BHOS and Turkish universities including student and teachers exchange programs were discussed.

At the end of the meeting, the Rector presented the Turkish Ambassador with BHOS Honorable Guest diploma.

6 February 2017

Ambassador of India visited BHOS


Rector of Baku Higher School (BHOS) Elmar Gasimov met with Ambassador of India to Azerbaijan Sanjay Rana. Rector Elmar Gasimov welcomed the honourable guest to the Higher School and wished him successful work in his diplomatic mission in Azerbaijan. Rector provided detailed information about BHOS’ history, activities, attainments and latest developments as well as about successes achieved by the Higher School students and academic teaching staff. He also said that BHOS’ management pays special attention to international relations and told about cooperation established with leading universities abroad. Speaking about BHOS strong partnership relations with Heriot-Watt University in Great Britain, the Rector brought the Ambassador’s attention to the opportunities of developing cooperation between the Higher School and universities of India. Elmar Gasimov came up with a proposal to arrange an event at BHOS to be dedicated to Azerbaijani prominent scientist and specialist on drilling oil and gas wells Eyyub Taghiyev who is also known as “Father of Indian oil”. The rector also invited Mr Sanjay Rana to visit the Higher School again and make a presentation.

The Ambassador of India to Azerbaijan Sanjay Rana expressed his gratitude for the warm reception. He highly appreciated the BHOS rector’s proposals and gratefully accepted them. Talking about diversified cooperation between two countries in many spheres, the Ambassador informed about Indian oil and gas companies’ activities in Azerbaijan. He also emphasized importance of forging close bilateral links in the field of education. As Mr Sanjay Rana said, he was very pleased to learn about successes achieved by the Higher School within a short period of time. The Ambassador emphasized that he would take all necessary steps to support establishment of cooperation between BHOS and Indian higher education institutions.

Other issues related to prospects of such cooperation were also discussed including opportunities to provide fellowship to a number of students from India to arrange their education at BHOS.

6 February 2017

About 2.5 mln tons of Azerbaijani oil transported via BTC in January 2017


2 mln 412 thousands 263 tons of Azerbaijani oil were transported via BTC main export pipeline in January 2017. In general, 323 million 950 thousands 325 tons of oil have been pumped to BTC since the start of pipeline exploitation until February 1, 2017. In addition, overall 935 thousands 880 tons of Turkmen oil were pumped via BTC in January 2017.

6 February 2017

Over 2 mln tons of Azerbaijani oil delivered from Ceyhan Port to world market in January 2017


2 mln 48 thousands 786 tons of Azerbaijani oil were delivered from Ceyhan Port to the world market in January 2017. (1 mln 398 thousands 440 tons of this volume were the oil of the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan Republic). In general, 321 mln 883 thousands 385 tons of Azerbaijani oil have been exported from Ceyhan Port to the world market since the start of BTC exploitation until February 1, 2017.

3 February 2017

Drilling works for January 2017


SOCAR (excluding Joint Ventures and Operating Companies) conducted 11146 metres of drilling works in January 2017. All of this amount fell to the share of development drilling.

Besides, the construction of 6 wells completed in January of this year.

1 February 2017

Oil products export for January 2017


In January 2017, SOCAR Marketing and Economic Operations Department exported 71 thousands 459 tons of diesel fuel, 6 thousands 952 tons of aircraft gasoline, 7 thousands 915 tons of high-pressure polyethylene, 696 tons of absolute isopropyl alcohol, 6 thousand 165 tons of pyrolytic oil tar, 3 thousand 107 tons of propylene, and 2 thousand 741 tons of butylene butadiene. For January 2017, the average prices for oil products in the world market were as follows: ethyl petrol-(per ton) $553,42, aircraft gasoline-$504,23, diesel fuel-$477,93 and black oil containing 1% sulphur-$330,93, high-pressure polyethylene - $1221,25, butylene butadiene - $658,65, pyrolytic oil tar - $553,42, propylene - 770 euro, absolute isopropyl alcohol - 940 euro