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23 January 2017

BP-Azerbaijan Vice President Made a Presentation at BHOS


Annual series of BP presentations at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) commenced in January 2017 with a lecture entitled “General overview of BP operations in Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey Region”. The presentation for BHOS’ Petroleum Engineering students was made by Production Vice President of BP in Azerbaijan Elkhan Mamedov. He provided detailed information about large-scale world-class projects implemented in the region, including development of Azeri-Chirag-Deepwater Gunashli and Shah Deniz fields. He also talked about prospects of development of Shafag-Asiman structure. BP-Azerbaijan Vice President also briefed the students about the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) projects, and the role to be played by Azerbaijan in delivering natural gas to the European market after the projects’ completion.

At the end of lecture, the guest answered numerous questions asked by the students.

21 January 2017

SOCAR senior executives attend World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos


Azerbaijani delegation led by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos on January 16-19, 2017, held a series of meetings, including the meetings with the high officials of the world’s energy companies and financial institutions. Rovnag Abdullayev, the President of SOCAR and Elshad Nasirov, Vice President of SOCAR also attended those meetings. SOCAR management participated in the meeting of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev with the CEO of BP Bob Dudley. Among the issues discussed during the meeting were the future development of the ACG project, problems related to the development of the Shah Deniz project, perspectives of other projects conducted by BP and SOCAR in Azerbaijan, world trends of the oil prices and other issues.

On the 18th of January the management of SOCAR participated in the meeting of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev with the Minister of energy, industry and mineral resources of Saudi Arabia Khalid Al-Falih and the CEO of Saudi Aramco oil company Amin Nasser. The Saudi representatives thanked the Azerbaijani side for the constructive approach of Azerbaijan and SOCAR in the issues of joint actions aimed at stabilization of the world oil prices and discussed several mutual investments projects.

SOCAR executives also attended the meeting between Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Vice-President of the European Commission, in charge of Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič. Situation with the realization of the SGC project was under discussion, together with the upcoming Ministerial meeting of the SAGC countries to take place in Baku on the 23rd February. Excellent relations of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the European institutions were mentioned. Projects of TANAP, TAP and perspectives of IAP (Ionic Adriatic pipeline) were also discussed.

SOCAR management also participated in the meeting of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev with the President and CEO of Statoil company Eldar Saertre and his team. The two sides discussed the perspectives of the development of ACG project and the pace of development of KADU project (Qarabagh, Ashrafi, Dan Ulduzu).

SOCAR also participated in the meeting of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the ministerial delegation of Ukraine. The Ukrainian President mentioned the role of SOCAR in expanding the trade turnover between the two countries and the high standards of the SOCAR petroleum filling stations in Ukraine and Switzerland, the recent supplies of Azeri Light crude oil to the Ukrainian refineries and invited SOCAR to consider further investment projects in Ukraine including transportation and refining of oil, including investments in the Ukrainian refineries, ports and other items of infrastructure. The two sides agreed to exchange high level delegations, in addition to the bilateral economic commission, to discuss and implement different projects.

SOCAR delegation participated in several other meetings of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, including the meeting with the Head of the Iraqi Kurdistan regional Government Masoud Barzani, where they emphasized the possibility of researching the cooperation opportunities in the energy, import-export and other fields.

SOCAR executives joined the panel discussions and participated in a working lunch for the Senior Management of oil and gas major companies with BP CEO as the moderator of the meeting.

SOCAR team met with Mr. Amin Nasser, the President of Saudi Aramco oil company, and vice-president Abdulaziz Al-Judami. Two companies discussed possible cooperation in different countries on many projects and agreed the future joint actions within the framework of OPEC-Non OPEC countries’ cooperation aimed at optimization of the world oil prices.

The SOCAR management had a meeting with the CEO of Al-Dabbagh group of companies, former Minister of agriculture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Amr Abdulla Al Dabbagh. Possible cooperation and investment projects were under discussion. The SOCAR management had also a meeting with the CEO of a US company APCO, Margery Kraus, to discuss possible ways of cooperation.

SOCAR management had a meeting with the newly appointed Commissioner for budget and human resources, Mr. Gunther Oettinger and the Head of his office Mr. Michael Hager. Among the issues of the discussions were the financing of the Southern Gas Corridor through different European financial institutions, different problems with the realization of the project and the ways of solving them, the upcoming meetings of SOCAR team in Brussels related to the SGC. Mr. Oettinger plans to pay a visit to Azerbaijan in September of 2017.

The President of SOCAR R. Abdullayev also participated in the working dinner hosted by the Head of Goldman Sachs International Richard John Gnodde and had meetings with CEOs of different energy and financial companies.

17 January 2017

SOCAR hosts Czech delegation


On January 17, the delegation of Czech Republic headed by Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mladek visited SOCAR main office and met with SOCAR Vice President for Field Development Yashar Latifov. The guests were informed about the oil and gas projects implemented in Azerbaijan and their achievements. Touching upon the contribution of Azerbaijan to the European energy security, Mr. Latifov said the development of Shah Deniz gas field made Azerbaijan, one of the world’s oil producers and exporters, the natural gas producer too. TANAP and TAP projects designed for the transportation of natural gas resources from Azerbaijan to Europe have gained international support. In his turn, Czech minister said the oil import from Azerbaijan was very important for the energy supply of his country and they were closely watching the construction of gas pipelines to Europe now because this issue also was important for them. The parties underlined the contribution of Azerbaijan-Czech Business Forum held in Baku to the development of economic relations between the countries and discussed the prospects of cooperation.

12 January 2017

Project participants awarded at BHOS


An awarding ceremony dedicated to completion of the Quantum Physics Presented by Young Scientists was held at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). The project was implemented with financial support from Youth Foundation under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic. BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov, Vice-Rector for General Affairs Rashad Hasanov, Professor Siyavush Azakov, and young scientists Sakin Jabbarov, Yusif Aliyev, Sevda Rzayeva and Mirlan Karimov, who were the project trainers, attended the event as honorable guests.

Speaking at the ceremony, BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov told about a number of projects implemented by students and staff members of the Higher School with financial support from the Youth Foundation under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic. Rector Elmar Gasimov highly praised the Foundation activity and expressed his gratitude to the organisation’s management for their support of various youth initiatives and projects. He emphasised that such support is conducive to the successful implementation of the State Youth Policy in Azerbaijan. Rector Elmar Gasimov informed that in 2016, eight projects of students and staff members of BHOS became winners of the VIII Contest for Grants by the Youth Foundation. He emphasised that all of them were carried out with support from the Higher School.

The Quantum Physics Presented by Young Scientists Project manager, Head of the BHOS Student Affairs department and Chairperson of the Higher School Trade Union Committee Habiba Sadigli provided information about the project. She said that the project started on November 27 last year. Within five weeks of the project implementation, trainings and other activities were conducted by young scientists every Sunday at the BHOS premises. The project Organising Committee was comprised of the Higher School students.

BHOS Professor Siyavush Azakov and project trainers Sakin Jabbarov, Yusif Aliyev, Sevda Rzayeva and Mirlan Karimov emphasised that the project was very well organised and attracted interest of its participants. They also expressed their confidence that similar projects would carried out in the future.

At the end of the ceremony, the project participants were awarded with certificates and presents.

11 January 2017

SOCAR’s budget payments for December 2016


SOCAR paid AZN 129 million 56 thousand to the State Budget in December 2016 which is AZN 53 million 736 thousand (171,3%) more than the same period of 2015. For January-December 2016, SOCAR transferred AZN 1 billion 395 million 421 thousand to the State Budget. Besides, the Company’s payment to the State Social Protection Fund amounted AZN 12 million 666 thousand in December. As a whole, the January-December payments to State Social Protection Fund totalled AZN 144 million 417 thousand which is AZN 5 million 119 thousand (103,7%) more compared to the same period of 2015.

11 January 2017

SOCAR’s statement on gas pipeline accident


Maintenance and repair works started at main gas pipeline

A fire broke out at 1000-mm Sangachal - Gazimammad main gas pipeline, on January 10 at about 20.45 pm. Gas pipeline was localised to extinguish the fire, and the gas supply has been redirected to another wire. No problem reported with gas supply of the consumers. Maintenance and repair works have been started on the pipeline.

9 January 2017

1,9 mln tons of oil delivered from Ceyhan Port to world market in December 2016


1 mln 887 thousand 729 tons of Azerbaijani oil were delivered from Ceyhan Port to the world market in December 2016. (1 mln 374 thousand 823 tons of this volume were the oil of the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan Republic). 28 mln 640 thousand 827 tons of oil were exported from Ceyhan Port in January-December.

In general, 319 mln 834 thousand 599 tons of Azerbaijani oil have been exported from Ceyhan Port to the world market since the start of BTC exploitation until January 1, 2017.

9 January 2017

2,4 million tons of Azerbaijani oil transported via BTC in December 2016


2 million 386 thousand 450 tons of Azerbaijani oil were transported via BTC main export pipeline in December 2016. 28 mln 862 thousand 673 tons of oil were exported from Ceyhan Port in January-December. In general, 321 million 538 thousand 062 tons of oil have been pumped to BTC since the start of pipeline exploitation until January 1, 2017.

In addition, overall 441 thousand 271 tons of Turkmen oil were pumped via BTC in December 2016.

6 January 2017

Drilling works for December 2016


SOCAR (excluding Joint Ventures and Operating Companies) conducted 4882 metres of drilling works in December 2016. Of this amount, 4839 metres were development drilling and the rest - exploration drilling. In general, during January-December 2016, SOCAR (excluding Joint Ventures and Operating Companies) carried out 105245 metres drilling works including 102532 metres development drilling and 2713 metres exploration drilling.

Besides, the construction of 7 wells completed in December, including 64 wells since the start of the year.

5 January 2017

Oil products export for December 2016


In December 2016, SOCAR Marketing and Economic Operations Department exported 52 203 tons of diesel fuel, 3 471 tons of aircraft gasoline, 7 813 tons of high-pressure polyethylene, 12 369 tons of pyrolytic oil tar, 6 282 tons of propylene, 605 tons of absolute isopropyl alcohol, and 4 580 tons of butylene-butadiene fraction.

In January-December 2016, generally 728 374 tons of diesel fuel, 177 506 tons of aircraft gasoline, 2 416 tons of stove oil, 84 540 tons of high-pressure polyethylene, 9 931 tons of absolute isopropyl alcohol, 69 946 tons of pyrolytic oil tar, 43 837 tons of propylene, and 23 347 tons of butylene butadiene fraction were exported.

For December 2016, the average prices for oil products in the world market were as follows: ethyl petrol-(per ton) $532,08, aircraft gasoline-$493,10, diesel fuel-$467,91 and black oil containing 1% sulphur-$306,56, high-pressure polyethylene - $1190, butylene butadiene - $575,29, pyrolytic oil tar -$532,08, propylene - 725 euro, absolute isopropyl alcohol - 900 euro.